Online Term Plan Without Medical Test..

Traditional life insurance has been made easier and more accessible than ever with instant issue life insurance. With a coverage-for-all approach, anyone and everyone will be approved, there are no medical tests or examinations, and prices vary according to your situation.

Life Insurance Without Medical Exam.

Sick girl on bed contemplates no medical life insurance and whether she should get coverage

Life insurance has come a long way over the years. With no medical life insurance plans now universally available, Life insurance has come a long way over the years. With no medical life insurance plans now universally available, buying life insurance without a medical exam, bloodwork, or other tests is a simplified, guaranteed, and convenient option. Life insurance companies now have wide-ranging solutions for no exam online life insurance policies which appeal to individuals who may not qualify for regular life insurance or individuals who perhaps prefer the simpler more immediate solution to buy life insurance online with no medical exam.

No medical life insurance, also referred as no exam online life insurance, can be equal in cost to traditional life insurance, and is available in both term plans and whole life plans. Whether you are healthy or sick, online term plans without a medical test are a cost effective way to obtain life insurance. Coverage is available from ages 18 to 80.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Cancer or another life-threatening illness, there are coverage options for you to buy life insurance online no medical exam needed. If you are healthy, an online term plan without medical test is just as affordable as traditional life insurance, but much simpler and convenient.

Some of us don’t qualify for regular life insurance online no exam.

Not everyone qualifies for regular life insurance. If this is you, regardless of the reason, we will find you coverage. Maybe you’ve had prior health issues, or have perhaps previously been declined life insurance. Maybe you’re living through an illness or disease right now. In any case, we have access to all instant issue life insurers, and as long as you fall within the qualifying age limits, we can guarantee you an affordable online term plan without the need of a medical exam or test. Coverage is available for those ages 18 to 80. Finally, most of the guaranteed issue life insurance policies are instantly issued. This means you waste no time waiting for a decision on coverage. Not to mention some companies will pay your first month’s premium.

Non medical life insurance quote:

Quoting instant issue life insurance is easy. First, enter your information in our online life insurance quoting tool. Next, select a term plan or a whole life plan, and click “compare now.” Next, once you’ve compared quotes, select a rate which appeals to you and click request application to be connected with a licensed life insurance broker. Lastly, after requesting your application, indicate that you want non medical coverage in the note section.

Healthy or sick?

Have been diagnosed with Cancer or another life-threatening illness? Or rather had a life-threatening illness in the past? If so there are options for you to buy life insurance online with no medical exam necessary. Otherwise, if you’re healthy, an online term plan without a medical test is just as affordable as traditional life insurance, and above all, much simpler and convenient.

Good things can come out of unexpected situations.

We will fight to find you coverage even when your situation is unique. Above all, our mission is to make sure you find the best plan and lowest rate available, no matter your situation or health status.

You’ve been declined life insurance in the past.

Don’t stress it’s quite common.

You have serious health problems.

Such as cancer, heart issues, stroke.

You have minor health problems.

​Such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

You don’t like needles or medical tests​.

Trypanophobia or needle phobia.

You have a dangerous profession.​

Such as Loggers, Pilots, Roofers, Fishers.

Case Study – Mr. Paperclip – The Problem

If you’re a high risk individual in terms of health, regardless of the seriousness of the situation, we’ll tailor an insurance solution to fit your needs. Let’s explore a case study of a tricky life scenario. As cancer is often the reason for many declines.

To start let us imagine our make believe client, Mr. Paperclip. Sadly Mr. P was just diagnosed with cancer. Also, Mr. P is a cancer survivor from 10 years ago. Be that as it may, a concerned Mr. Paperclip approached us last year, justifiably worried he may one day be diagnosed again. Thankfully he was proactive and wanted to do something about it.

He was concerned about a few issues. For example, should he die, he needed to leave his family a lump sum of money for final expenses. Furthermore, he was uneasy about his income level. Particularly how long his income could last while getting treatment. In any event it was very likely he would be working less. Finally, due to his prior health issues, Mr. P was troubled that he may not qualify for coverage. Despite thinking it was a lost cause he contacted Insurance Canada Online for a solution. Luckily so as this is our specialty!

Case Study – Mr. Paperclip – The Solution

For starters, we obtained $50,000 whole life insurance coverage for Mr. Paperclip. In addition to that, his life insurance included cancer coverage, even though he had a previous diagnosis. Normally Mr. P would be declined by a traditional insurer due to his prior cancer. Nevertheless we were able to find Mr. P no medical instant issue life coverage. Also, we tailored the coverage to fit his needs. This was possible because the insurer has a specific type of policy for previously recovered cancer patients. Finally, we obtained Mr. Paperclip $20,000 critical illness coverage, which above all else, included coverage for cancer. All in all we satisfied each of Mr. Paperclips concerns.

Following Mr. Paperclip’s recent diagnosis of cancer, he proceeded to file a critical illness claim. Subsequently, after 30 days, he was paid a lump sum of $20,000, and is now moving ahead with treatment. All things considered Mr. P was as prepared as he could be for such a traumatic life event.