Some of us don’t qualify for regular life insurance.

We’ve got you covered.

Not everyone qualifies for regular life insurance. Whether your have health issues, have previously been declined insurance, or whatever the reason may be, we can help you. With access to all instant issue life insurers, we will make sure you get a policy for the best price, issued with no medical qualifications or testing. Most of these guaranteed issue life insurance policies are instantly issued, meaning you waste no time waiting for a decision on coverage. Some will even pay your first month’s premium.

Good things can come out of unexpected situations.

We will fight to find you coverage even when your situation is unique.

You’ve been declined life insurance in the past

Don’t stress it’s quite common

You have serious health problems

Such as cancer, heart issues, stroke

You have minor health problems

​Such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol

You don’t like needles or medical tests​

Trypanophobia or needle phobia

You have a dangerous profession​

Such as Loggers, Pilots, Roofers, Fishers